Project Brief:
For the first time in digital space, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) officially unveiled the well-loved entry-level hatchback – the Toyota Wigo to the media, dealers, and the public. The digital experience was housed in The Community Studio where guests witnessed the live unveiling of the New Toyota Wigo and download & explore the vehicle further through different site features.

Successful first-ever digital launch of a car
Over 280,000 people reached, over 60,283 engagements for Wigo launch proper* on Facebook
Over 635,000 people reached, over 57,224 engagements for Entertainment proper (Ben&Ben as talent)* on Facebook
Over 500 media, dealer, and VIP guests attended the private streaming on The Community Studio platform
Agency was featured for a successful and safe on-ground shoot implementation (recognized and lauded by the live event industry)
*data taken 2 hours after live FB broadcast